Who I am

David J. Pezzner is a 38-year-old  professional music therapist for over 9 years now. He believes that music cannot just entertain people, but it can also heal more than just a broken heart.

David, or Dave for short, grew his passion for music way back his high school years in California. He auditioned in their school band and was accepted as a bass guitarist. Dave lives with his mom, Sarah, his brothers, James and Michael, and their husky dog, Luis. As a teenager, David spends most of his time listening to music, reading books, and hanging out with friends to fish or to fun concerts. There are quite a lot of musician in their families like his Uncle Tom who’s a member of a band and his Auntie May who loves contemporary music and who joins orchestras.

Dave’s love for music even grew when he was about to graduate high school until his mom was diagnosed with early symptoms of dementia.  As a loving son, he did all that he can to know about the disease and the possible cure they could get, from then he learned that music could actually help alleviate the symptoms of dementia thus he decided to take Bachelor of Arts in Music Therapy to help her mom and to continue growing in his passion. In college, he learned more string instruments like violin and cello which he picked because both are very calming and peaceful enough for his future therapy sessions. Up until today, he’s still connected with one of his closest mentors in college.

A year later after graduating college, he continued learning more about music and learning new instruments to prepare himself and his music cure people with needs like her mom. Dave enjoyed music, even more, when he’s out helping people. Today, when he has free time to spare, he tries to blog and publish new articles for his readers and for the people who might be needing advice and who are in need to be in tune. He also tries to post as much as to show people that music is not only about how you and your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend got back, it’s also about healing the heart and making one healthy again.