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Music is more powerful than we thought. Music therapy can be beneficial to both adults and children experiencing various mental and physical health issues. If you are looking or finding a way to end the suffering, then you have come to the right place. With over 9 years of professional experience in the field, be rest assured that the solution to your problem will be on its way.

For Children

We adopt the Nordoff-Robbins approach in music therapy for children with autism and who are experiencing a mental disorder, emotional disturbances, delays in development, and other handicap issues. The aim of the therapy is to establish communication and improve it through a series of either active or receptive form. During the therapies, the patients are expected to respond and gradually build focus and longer attention spans positively.

We also apply Orff Music Therapy for children experiencing developmental problems and disabilities. The therapy which is accompanied by music will promote word activity, sound, and movement which aim to make the children interactive and to let them explore. The main instruments used in the therapy will be keyboard instruments and percussion instruments along with engaging musical lyrics.

Prenatal music therapies are also applied under the music therapy for children. At 16 weeks, a fetus can already hear their mother’s words and singing. Through today’s technology, we can see a baby’s expressions and what it needs or what it wants from inside the womb. Music therapy plays a major role in relieving high levels of stress for pregnant women who can negatively affect their babies. Music therapy, through the perfect methodology, can form a strong maternal-fetal bonding. There are also therapies for premature infants who needs respiratory regularity and oxygen stabilizing.

For Adolescents

According to research, every two to three thousand adolescents in 100,00 population have mood disorder which can develop into extreme emotional disturbances leading to suicide. Undergoing music therapy can give various benefits such as emotional stability, social and daily life benefits. Music can also help them shape their identity through freely expressing oneself in the art of music. In some way, music can also make adolescents feel like there is someone going through the same situation as they are and thus promoting them to keep going. The therapy can also be an outlet for those who are in extreme stress levels and anxiety.

Medical & Psychiatric Disorder

We both specialize in medical and psychiatric situations. Medical situations such as heart disease, neurological disorders – stroke, dementia, amnesia, and aphasia, which are all we consider as cases that need extensive music therapies. For psychiatric disorder like schizophrenia and depression, music therapy has been proven to show a positive result from patients who had undergone a complete session.

If you find a situation in the list as relatable to your case, a friend, or a relative, feel free to drop us a message. If you want to know more about each, you head to our blog and read some helpful information about music therapy and its categories.